B & A Technologies provides a quality back office services for small and medium businesses to enable you to:

  • minimise technology costs,
  • optimise business processes and;
  • maximise revenue through technology.

Business Process Automation

Cyber Security, Hardware & Networks

Strategic Technology Planning & Review

Mobile Computing

Online Marketing Strategies & Management

Cloud Computing & Remote Data Storage

ICT Operations, Management, Planning & Reporting

Application Development & Integration Services


B & A Technologies together with our partners, support small and medium businesses entire back office functions.

We work with you to identify your critical business priorities and plan the path forward.

B & A Technologies can deliver enterprise quality engagements for small and medium business prices.

Our Team have extensive experience in:

  • IT Applications and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Small & Medium Business Technology Architecture
  • IT Strategy & Processes
  • Cloud Technology Adoption
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Managed application development and infrastructure project implementation & management
  • Certified Project Management – successfully managing complex and high risk projects to on-time completion within budget
  • Overhauling and implementation of the IT strategy and roadmap for medical centres, pharmacies and private hospitals
  • Cloud Adoption Architecture and Implementation specialist for both Infrastructure and Applications.


B & A Technologies has designated helpdesk technicians available to assist both remotely and on site at your business location.

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Combining expertise in IT Strategy & Management, Data Storage & Security, and daily Hardware, Networks and Management Support;  our team provides the most efficient and effective tools for your business.

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