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Our mission is to provide businesses with enterprise-level ICT advice and support by focusing on the technology they need to achieve business efficiency and productivity.

As an IT advisor, B & A Technologies believes that the proper ICT infrastructure plays an important role in helping businesses achieve their goals.

We assist businesses by:

Minimising technology costs | Optimising business process through technology |  Maximising revenue through technology

We have helped clients cut down on unnecessary spending and invest in technology that matters.

Our job is to understand your business, identify opportunities to minimise manual processes, know the industry, and recommend the appropriate solutions and ongoing support in Managed Service and Digital Marketing Services.

We have worked with local, national and international clients.

Our diversed team of IT and digital marketing experts has helped numerous clients from different industries through technology. Based in Queensland, Australia, our services are available for companies big and small from any parts of the world.

We advocate for cybersecurity and data protection.

Our support goes beyond IT hardware and software. We believe the most valuable asset your company has is your data. Protecting your data is crucial, and so is empowering your staff with cybersecurity awareness. Talk to us about cybersecurity training – visit our Resources page to learn more.

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